GTX 1050ti with Xeon x3470 playing Huntdown Showdown

In this video you will see some gameplay on Huntdown showdown on GTX 1050ti and Xeon X370. I am testing the game on an almost 10 years old cpu. The first generation i7 870 equivalent, Xeon x3470. Hunt is an Early Access first-person shooter from Crytek built with Cryengine. Note that the game is still in early access and Crytek estimates to release it in 2019. So it is normal to have some performance instabilities and fps drops. We should definitely expect performance improvements from Crytek.

According to IGN:


 Hunt: Showdown’s clever competitive-cooperative twist makes it a distinctive and promising Early Access game. Between hunting down deadly monsters, creeping through dense forests, and trying not to be killed by rival hunters along the way, winning a match in Hunt feels like a legitimate accomplishment. Losing all of your gear upon death is a harsh consequence, but it’s a system that rewards dedication. Crytek’s managed to craft a palpably tense and terrifying shooter that’s equal parts survival and competition, but it still needs to solve the problems of players exploiting the system by camping on escape routes, an unreliable AI, and other, basic performance issues.


PC Specs:

CPU: Xeon X3470 2.9 Ghz

GPU: GTX 1050ti 4gb Superclocked

Memory: 8gb ddr3 @ 1333Mhz

Motherboard: 0C2KJT


Recording softwares:

MSI Afterburner

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