GTX 1050ti with Xeon x3470 playing Huntdown Showdown

In this video you will see some gameplay on Huntdown showdown on GTX 1050ti and Xeon X370. I am testing the game on an almost 10 years old cpu. The first generation i7 870 equivalent, Xeon x3470. Hunt is an Early Access first-person shooter from Crytek built with Cryengine. Note that the game is still in early access and Crytek estimates to release it in 2019. So it is normal to have some performance instabilities and fps drops. We should definitely expect performance improvements from Crytek.

According to IGN:

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i5 650 vs Xeon x3470 (Rx 460 2gb): Benchmark on 5 games

In this video i am comparing two first generation CPUs with some benchmarks and gaming. i5 650 (dual core) is compared with the Xeon x3470 (quad core).

My pc specs on Dell Inspiron 580:

CPU: Xeon x3470 2.9 Ghz

Gpu: Rx 460 2gb Memory: 6gb ddr3 @ 1333Mhz

Motherboard: 0C2KJT

Benchmarked games: Cs go , Farcry Primal, witcher 3, gta v, battlefield 1. Note that games are recorded with software, so fps drop especially on the i5. My current PC specs:…

Frequently asked questions:

-Is Xeon x3470 still a good CPU in 2018?

Yes, combined with a gtx 1050ti, would be still very powerful to play most games with decent fps.

– Can Xeon x3470 be overclocked?

Yes, if your motherboard supports it.

-Where can i find that cpu?

You can find that used on Aliexpress for less than 35 EU

-How can i see if my motherboard supports Xeon x3470?

See for user benchmarks on that cpu in the following link:

-Do i need to replace the stock cooler when upgrading to xeon?

if xeon’s TDP (95 watts) is greater than your old cpu TDP, then yes.

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